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Project Title

Jinke Gallery

Project Function

gallery, exhibition area, sales office,

Project Location

Guiyang City, China

Project Tags

Landscape design,

Office Name

ZINIALAND Landscape Design Co., Ltd.

Team Members

Liang Zhu, Liang Li, Ping Liu

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ZINIALAND Landscape Design Co., Ltd.

Project Description

The designer sets "nature" as the core of the site, and starts with the three aspects of "de-real estate", "art exhibition and cross-border concept" and "interpretation of nature", to create a rich experience of space with the 7.3m height difference of the site and the architectures.

According to the height difference, the site offers three foot traffic experiences: the gray space foot traffic at the entrance structure of the first floor, the foot traffic in the view wall passage corridor of the second floor, and the gray space foot traffic of the sales department on the third floor. The foot traffic passes through the outdoor space, semi-outdoor space and indoor space. The landscape medium extends from the outdoor to the indoor, making the experience coherent and interspersed.

It builds a vision management logic through the organization of the line of sight, controlling the distance and form of the scenes, and the use of lateral windows, U-shaped frame scenes, slit lens, and wall seams. By extracting the scene pictures from the secluded forest, water rocks, peaks, and sky pits of the karst landform, it illustrates spatial scenes of local characteristics.

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Image Credits

all images courtesy of ZINIALAND Landscape Design Co., Ltd.

Jinke Gallery


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