No.0 Intimate Cleanser

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No.0 Intimate Cleanser

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Intimate washing

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Fashion Design

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Love Dear

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Taizzy CO., LTD

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The No.0 Intimate Cleanser’s pH is close to females’ intimate part and contains 98% of natural materials; the warm tangerine-colored packaging represents the gentleness of feminine care.
The product’s envelop-like graphic design is adorned with a hot-foiled postmark while icons are printed to symbolize the plant extracts, connecting feminine care with lifestyle with warmth.
The graphic design is screen-printed on the bottle to prevent bathing wetting.
Although most feminine washes on the market have a sense of professionalism by printing imageries and designing typesettings, they lack conveying the essence -- implicating the self-caring attitude in intimate cleaning.
Meanwhile, those products mostly paste the packaging with designed stickers, neglecting the environmental conditions of bathrooms, where most customers apply the product; those stickers will quickly rot and lose their aesthetic over time.
Using washes should be a graceful and proud action, yet in the early days in Asia, feminine care was a private, even an ashamed, topic. We hope to deliver this ethical concept using the colors and the envelop design on our packaging; there is no need to be embarrassed for self-caring

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Taizzy CO., LTD

No.0 Intimate Cleanser


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