New Charm, The One of Sky

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New Charm, The One of Sky

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Brand Communication

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Kaohsiung , Taiwan

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Graphic Design

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THAT'S RIGHT Planning Consulting Co., Ltd.

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THAT'S RIGHT Planning Consulting Co., Ltd.

Project Description

The residential building was designed by Richard Meier, the master of white architecture, and renowned interior designer Yabu Pushelberg. In response to the bustling era nowadays, the white building is the medium to reflect the relationship between space, dimension, and aesthetics of light and shadow. With a great amount of glass panels on the facades and use of windows, each unit enjoys three-sided natural lighting and decent ventilation. The building can thus interact beautifully with the urban environment and natural landscape.

The south side of the building site is surrounded by the river, while the main roads around bring in the vitality to the space. Rivers are the cradles of nature, greenery, civilization and culture. On the other hand, connections of roads and rivers symbolize resources, prosperity, wealth and popularity. People of all kinds look for an exquisite taste of life in this building. Thus, with “日“ and “匯” as its name, they each symbolizes “the high-rise sun” and “the confluence.”

Thus, the design of the Logo and advertisement emphasize this spirit. With elements of a city and an architecture, the simple and modern visual identity design is created.

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THAT'S RIGHT Planning Consulting Co., Ltd.

New Charm, The One of Sky


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