Hunan Changsha Meixi Lake Club

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Hunan Changsha Meixi Lake Club

Project Function

Club House

Project Location

Changsha City, China

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Interior design

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Maison Shanging Interior Design

Team Members

Shuai Wang

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Shuai Wang

Project Description

Located in the Meixi Lake Park, this case is a single building surrounded by natural forest on three sides. On account of its small area, the designer tries to extend the space visually. The facade of the building is separated by glass, which obfuscates the boundary between the indoors and the outdoors to lead the park landscape inside. The different function areas are reasonably divided. The space is vertically bisected, with the side facing the lake used for VIP box. The other side is designed with booths, French windows, connecting with the outside scenery. The whole space is in a modern style, with dark gray as the main tone, and roofed with silver corrugated plates. As for the colour tones, the dark gray finish effect combines with the red and blue coloured furniture to make them more distinct in contrast with the lighting. The wood materials are obtained on the spot, reducing the transportation cost and environmental damage, with the decorative materials naturally attained by means of artificial surface treatment and charcoal burning. Energy-efficient lighting is used to decrease the number of lights, form the overall ambience and avoid light pollution as much as possible.

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all images courtesy of Chao Zhu

Hunan Changsha Meixi Lake Club


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