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Longchang Inn

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China, Guiyang

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Interior Design, Hotel, Zen, Cultural

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JDKJ Design

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Felix Lin, Liling Jiang, Zijie Deng, Yiqing Lin, Weiying Liu, Xin Zhang, Jinju Lai

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JDKJ Design

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Longchang Inn is located in Yangming Cultural Park, Longchang Town, Xiuwen County, Guiyang City. It is near Yangming cave, a famous scenic spot. Yangming cave is known as the first philosophical cave in China. It is the place where Wang Yangming, the master of mind philosophy in Ming Dynasty, learned and taught. It is also the birthplace and spread of "Yangming's Philosophy of Mind". Relying on ingenious artistic techniques, the design team has integrated the essence of "Yangming's Philosophy of Mind" with the cultural features of Guizhou, making accommodation a visible, touchable and sensible journey of mind cultivation.
There are 124 rooms in the hotel, which are designed in five different styles according to the demands. The furnishings of guest rooms are mainly classical utensils with simple lines. When you enter the guest rooms, you can feel the strictness and restraint of Ming Dynasty crafts. The bamboo slips about Yangming culture and Wang Yangming's biography are also equipped in the guest rooms, so that the rooms can not only meet the needs of the residents to rest and sleep, but also be more suitable for self-cultivation and inner contemplation when they are awake.

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Yu Space Photography

Longchang Inn


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