Double Storeyed Condo

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Double Storeyed Condo

Project Function

Residential House

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China, Kunming

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Interior Design, Residential House, Simple

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Junfeng Zhong Studio

Team Members

Junfeng Zhong

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Junfeng Zhong

Project Description

This double storeyed condo is over 20-year-old on the top floor. There is no bathroom on the first floor. The living room is too large to have a good functional division. The balcony was erected and closed by the original owner. In the process of our design, we have carried out heavy reconstruction on the place where the house does not match the owner's life. First, on the first floor, the balcony was demolished to restore the original terrace, and planted some potted-plants. We hope those plants can reach up to the living room on the second floor. So the family can see the greens in the living room, dining room, and also the master bedroom on the second floor. Then we felt the staircases in the split-level were not only a tool but also as a structural decoration. So we moved them to the living room and increased the space for the bedroom on the first floor. We have narrowed the kitchen and added a half bathroom on the first floor to make it as one build-in set. Adding a large sliding door at the entrance of kitchen made the bedroom and bathroom become one unit. In the original living room, we created a dining room by building a hanging TV wall.

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Nan Photography

Double Storeyed Condo


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