Haoxiangni Light Health Care Young Life Hall

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Haoxiangni Light Health Care Young Life Hall

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China, Zhengzhou

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Interior Design, Store, Nature, Simple

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MET Creative Brand

Team Members

Beiyu Zhang, Yibing Zhou, Yuyun Zhu

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MET Creative Brand

Project Description

This project covers a total area of 180 square meters. The design is simple and neat. Through progressive display, tea, cultural and creative products, gift boxes, leisure experience, souvenirs and other products are clearly presented to customers. The overall design focuses on the creation of atmosphere, presenting a relaxed sales and shopping scene and a comfortable and leisurely social scene.
In terms of material selection, Haoxiangni Jujube "Light Health Care Young Life" food and health hall is paved with a large area of wood veneer and straw mud. Through the texture of natural particles and warm and soft colors, people can feel close to nature and return to the real world. Raw materials are used as decorations on the wall, which echoes the consistent concept of food and medicine homology. The natural and simple design style is just like a business card, so that every guest can intuitively feel the freshness, nature and health of the product.
In the way of goods display, the designer abandons the traditional straightforward description, and uses a large amount of space to show the raw materials and production steps of the products to the customers directly.

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Ming Chen

Haoxiangni Light Health Care Young Life Hall


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