The Strength of Gentleness

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The Strength of Gentleness

Project Function

Show house

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Taiwan, New Taipei City

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Interior Design

Office Name

Tou Ying Design Company

Team Members

Sandy Weng, Max Hsieh

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Tou Ying Design Company

Project Description

A design blending strength with gentleness, introduces the tranquility of the mountain-river scenery into the living space. Applying natural stones and woods in the design to echo the beautiful sights and the timeless beauty of humanity. The use of wood regulates the humidity in the room. While the warm sunshine falls in through big windows, it travels in the open space and lights up the elegant private area. Sunlight, air, and water of Bitan naturally flows around the house, taking care of the young, newly-married couple’s peaceful life.

A couple, waiting for a newborn to come, has loads of pressure on the shoulder at work; therefore, the ideal design they wish for is a place that offers steadiness, tranquility, comfort and safety. The earthy tones of the wooden materials pave a room of gentleness, while the use of stones and colors of grey-silver palette on the walls opens up a spacious room of firmness. With a bit of metal embellishment as decoration, the embedded lines frame out each area. The different materials and their patterns build up the atmosphere to the owner’s taste.

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Tzu Feng Wei

The Strength of Gentleness


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