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Dim Light

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Taiwan, Taichung City

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Interior Design

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XU XU Interior design co., Ltd.

Team Members

Yu Cheng Lin, Yu Ru Xu

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XU XU Interior design co., Ltd.

Project Description

The design project renovated the original layout, of which the original 4 rooms were remodeled into 3 rooms. The extra space, added on for the room renovation, was then divided into the living room and storage room. For the design project, the sense of sight to the living room meanwhile coming in the residence is wide and comfy. With the homeowner’s beloved wood veneers and stones, the poised dark colors and composed textures of materials bring forth the enriched layers of visual effect.

As to the materials, the designer attentively used the healthy and eco-friendly building materials that produced low emission, pollution, foul smell, and physiological hazard. These building materials were used for “low formaldehyde” and “low volatile organic compound.” To minimize the emission of formaldehyde in the residence, the designer used the F1 class of low-formaldehyde woods, eco-friendly coatings, eco-friendly adhesives, and eco-friendly latex paints. The components of eco-friendly coatings were harmless and nontoxic, including persimmon, linseed oil, resin, plant pigments, honey, etc. The coatings strengthened the wood intensity, maintained moisture, and adjusted air quality.

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Cheng-Chi Yen

Dim Light


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