Urban design calibration of the 18plots within Hengqin CBD

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Urban design calibration of the 18plots within Hengqin CBD

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Urban design

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China, Zhuhai

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Urban Planning and Landscape Design

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Holmes Miller

Team Members

Lead:Harold Henry Philips, Ju Li, Yi Tian Team: Konrad Kedzeirski,Nicolas Nikodijevic, Rui Deng, Hao Li, Binxin Chen, Ziyao Xiao, Yuchun Lin, Jian Liu

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Holmes Miller

Project Description

Hengqin is a new emerging urban development island outside the city of Zhuhai. The small island at the tip of Hengqin is also known as Hengqin Financial Island. Together with the city of Macao and Zhuhai land, they form the Cross Gate Central Business Zone.

The purpose of this Study is to carry out a comprehensive planning evaluation with aim for a betterment of the 18 land plots based on the existing planning. By analyzing the main planning issues of spatial structure, urban interface and transport links, we established integral frameworks from strategic planning to guiding principles. Such main strategies include reorganization of urban spaces, control of urban interfaces, re-arrangement of urban transport network and the establishment of public spatial systems. With studies on public spaces, urban skylines, viewing corridors, glare control, glazing ratio, road network and urban lighting design, we then formulated a new urban design exemplar guide.
We hope that through such systematic and methodological exploration, the study will reinforce the characteristics of the urban spatial environment and provide a way to invigorate the urban vitality and to capture the soul of the city.

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Holmes Miller

Urban design calibration of the 18plots within Hengqin CBD


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