Pingsha New Town

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Project Title

Pingsha New Town

Project Function

Urban design

Project Location

China, Zhuhai

Project Tags

Urban design; Architecture

Office Name

Holmes Miller

Team Members

Lead:Harold Henry Philips,Yi Deng, Ju Li Team: Konrad Kedzierski, Nicolas Nikodijevic, Rafal Boguszewski, Yi Tian, Hao Li, Binxin Chen, Rui Deng, Ziyao Xiao, Shuhui Li, Jian Liu

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Holmes Miller

Project Description

Since Gaolan Port Economic Development Zone was promoted to the national level, Pingsha new town will serves as the supporting business and living centre of the zone, becoming a new city expansion for Zhuhai, China.

It occupies 25 square km land area with a start-up area of 7.25 square km. Benefited by waterway nature, Pingsha new town is destined to become an open coastal city, attracting people to settle.

To activate the whole area, a “City Belt” is laid out from the south shore line to the north park which divides the main area into different functional zones. The City Belt works as a catalyst merging not only different functions but also different public spaces to bring diverse activities to the new town.

Along the heart of the waterway layout is the cultural island. It houses a conference centre, a museum and exhibition facilities which will be the focus for visiting tourists. The Hot Springs Park to the north and the sea to the south along with the cultural facilities form a dynamic visual corridor linking the heart of the city to its special surroundings.

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Holmes Miller

Pingsha New Town


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