Huafa West Headquater

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Huafa West Headquater

Project Function

Office Building; Commercial Building

Project Location

China, Zhuhai

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Holmes Miller

Team Members

Lead:Callum Houston, Ju Li, Yi Tian Team: Titas Grikevicius,Tommy Tang,Junzhe Zhan,Caijie Chen,Xinjin Cai,Yuchun Lin,Manting Wang

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Holmes Miller

Project Description

Huafa West Headquarter is a mixed-use development consisting of office and apartment located in the central area of Jinwan Aviation Town, Zhuhai. Situated at the corner of two main trunk roads, its integrated rotating shape forms a harmonious interface with the surrounding streets, thus creating a welcoming aspect for visitors.
With the central lake and the Jinwan Park just adjacent to the site, Huafa West Headquarter is aimed to compose a holistic community by exploring all these landscape benefits. This is cleverly achieved by splitting the required area into four rotating volumes with different heights. Through “Rotating”, it facilitates fascinating visuals of the landscape while forming two interesting and pleasant public realms.
The intricate topology of the office tower not only strengthened the sculptural character of the building, but also provides flexibility to manage the blocks separately. All the blocks are designated with independent circulations which will benefit the users who seek to rent only an individual block as their headquarters.
With its unique sculptural form, the Huafa West Headquarter is designed to be a fascinating city image to enrich Zhuhai’s skyline.

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Holmes Miller

Huafa West Headquater


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