Zhuhai Yinkeng Peninsula

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Zhuhai Yinkeng Peninsula

Project Function

Culture, Art Center,

Project Location

China, Zhuhai

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Architecture, Landmark, Culture

Office Name

Holmes Miller

Team Members

Lead:Harold Henry Philips, Yi Deng, Rui Deng. Team: Nabiyom Gezaie Abera, Caijie Chen, Shuhui Li, Ziyao Xiao, Enquan Tang, Yi Tian, Rui Li, Manuel Gulias, Yiyuan Cui, Qian Lv

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Holmes Miller

Project Description

Zhuhai Culture and Art Centre is located at the junction of Xiangzhou district and High-tech zone of Zhuhai City, occupies 55,300 square metre construction area, and consists of an 800 seat theater, an art museum and a 2000 seat library.

The name of the site "Yinkeng" translates as "Silver mining pits" which is reminiscent of "lunar pit”. The design concept derives from an ancient Chinese poem “Above the sea is a bright moon which illuminates the water as a silver sea that reflects everything like a mirror.”

Yinkeng Peninsula, with its abundant landscape resources, is formed through the stretching of Phoenix Mountain into the sea. The building flows like a hill following the Phoenix Ridge. The visual corridor between the mountain and the sea looms under the roof, like the waves melting the mountains into the sea, dividing the volume and harmoniously unifying the building with the landscape.

The utilization of atriums and the continuous translucent roof provide soft light to the functional spaces as well as good shading and ventilation. Moreover, the formation of multi-layer open public spaces provides users with diverse types of cultural spaces.

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Holmes Miller

Zhuhai Yinkeng Peninsula


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