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Restaurant and B&B

Project Location

Taichung City, Taiwan

Project Tags

relaxation, bamboo forest, withered landscape

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SH Interior Design

Team Members

Chih-Chiang Chang

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SH Interior Design

Project Description

Before this project was activated, a traditional Taiwanese quadrangle house was on the land. The designer was interested in the scent of old houses and decided to build a Japanese-style distress garden on the original land. Due to the devotion to ancient wooden methods, progress must be made by a group of experienced masters; all of them were over 60-years-old. To finish the building, a group of people set camp in the area for five years; after all the considerations and hard work, an exquisite, breathtaking, natural garden was built. The Taichung night market lies across the mountain, causing a perfect night view. To extend outwards and enhance the visual experiences, a scenic overlook was planned before the construction started. A boundless view combining the sky and the ground will be admired, another irreplaceable natural scene to enjoy in the garden. This project is located in the woods, and it is necessary to maintain the balance between men-made architects and nature. Persistence is why humans can coexist with animals in nature; sounds of Psilopogon Nuchalisowls and eagles can be heard in the garden.

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SH Interior Design



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