A Corner of City

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A Corner of City

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Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan

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Vintage retro style, Industrial style,

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Unique Interior Design & Décor Co., Ltd.

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Chen-Yu Chiu

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Chuang Photo Studio

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The design team chose the Vintage Industrial Style as the design direction so the walls in the public area are plastered with gray paint to retain the rustic and old texture from the original space. Moreover, after fully understanding the lighting conditions for the original space, the team used transparent materials, rotated the direction of the kitchen, and enlarged the window openings to improve the lighting and to bring the natural light into the residence so the entire space looks brighter. Most importantly, the team found the residence has one more issue, poor circulation, which need to be addressed so they rebuilt the layout to make the circulation become smoother. Then, the daylight penetrated in the house by enlarging windows and setting up some flexible cabinets with open shelves and with the sliding doors which are painted with blackboard paint for the sake of writing. The team used some elements like Morandi tones, solid wood tones, wood plank tiles, gray colored glass, grey mirror, and iron components which reveals a harmonious feeling of rustic nature. In the private area, it allows more light into the reading area by rotating the direction of the bed in master room.

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Unique Interior Design & Décor Co., Ltd.

A Corner of City


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