The Semi-luxury and Serenity of Simplicity

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The Semi-luxury and Serenity of Simplicity

Project Function

Show house

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Taiwan, Taichung City

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Interior Design

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Dumas Interior Design Group

Team Members

Yu-Lin Shih, Yi-Jen Guo

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Dumas Interior Design Group

Project Description

Home is where the body and mind reside. The design of this project takes modern style as the main axis. The metal lighting and marble furniture are matched with warm green walls and home furnishings to create an atmosphere of light luxury and healing. Let home, truly become a place where you can release yourself freely.

Stepping into the right side of the entrance, the vertical storage space composed of glass sliding doors and metal brackets allows you to easily see shoes and items. Crossing the aisle, the first thing you see is the round marble dining table and leather dining chair. The ring-shaped lighting selected by the designer above makes it unnecessary to worry about insufficient light no matter where you are sitting. The kitchen is also the same as the right side of the hallway. A glass door and a metal bracket make a compartment. The living room contrasts with the warm green wall and the blue-green rice grain leather wall and the opposite marble wall and tile floor. The French window design of the balcony allows natural light to be poured into the room, allowing the atmosphere of the living room to change at different times of the day, presents a unique appearance.

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Image Credits

Kuo-Min Lee, Jun-Jie Liu

The Semi-luxury and Serenity of Simplicity


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