Eastern Sanctuary of Mind

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Eastern Sanctuary of Mind

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Show house

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Taiwan, Taichung City

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Interior Design

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Dumas Interior Design Group

Team Members

Yu-Lin Shih, Wun -Huei Lyu

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Dumas Interior Design Group

Project Description

“Under pine trees I asked a pupil of your whereabouts, who mentioned his master has gone to gather herbs. Somewhere in the mountain you were for certain, uncertain was where among the deep cloud cover you were. “The last phrase not only shows the beauty of the clouds and mists in the mountains, but also makes people feel like being in a fairyland on earth. This case is based on the landscape painting rendered in multi-layered black gray. It brings the secluded life of the ancient literati into this room across time and space, showing that the yearning for life in the heart is no longer limited by the size or furnishings of the residence, but calm down. Savor every moment of the day.

Raise the fire and cook the ingredients at hand carefully. Nothing is more satisfying than cooking a meal for the family, and nothing is more moving than watching the family cook for themselves. The open kitchen makes "Cooking meals" has become the most interactive every day! The designer-selected chandelier above the elegant marble white dining table, the irregular lines diffused from the center are like a tree in a landscape painting.

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Kuo-Min Lee, Jun-Jie Liu

Eastern Sanctuary of Mind


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