Sense and Sensibility

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Sense and Sensibility

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Taiwan, Taichung City

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Interior Design

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Dumas Interior Design Group

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Yu-Lin Shih, Ling-Chun Tseng

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Dumas Interior Design Group

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Silvery and golden beams of light glistens on the neat tiles and soft wooden floor. As the show goes on with musical notes jumping around the space, the black and the white intertwist, coexist. The piano keys echo with the interior design, different aesthetics go beyond boundaries, hence merging into one. Gentle colors of earth tone carry the weight, whereas the purity of white brights up the space, going beyond. Nile blue’s abundance, distinctively partitions the space, yet sets up the characteristic. The simplicity of colors brings out the beauty of boldness yet not turning into aggressiveness.

The design of this case builds up a place to stretch one’s mind, to linger over thoughts. Blocks of colors and materials draw lines between areas; while lighting, texture, shapes and lines allow the space to extend and accommodate.

Once entering the space, the nile blue wall and black hollowing-out partition announce the main theme of the space: a profound beauty that is worth appreciating with care. The Portuguese tiles unfold at the entrance. The sophisticated beauty symbolizes a start for everyday life, to prepare yourself in reality and to open up a space of privacy and imagination.

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Kuo-Min Lee

Sense and Sensibility


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

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