Promenade with Elegance

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Project Title

Promenade with Elegance

Project Function

Reception hall

Project Location

Taiwan, Taichung City

Project Tags

Architectural Design

Office Name

Dumas Interior Design Group

Team Members

Yu-Lin Shih, Wun-Huei Lyu, Ling-Chun Tseng

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Dumas Interior Design Group

Project Description

We were born in the nature but lost in the city. Under the designer's ingenious planning, this project creates a large ship carrying nature in the gloomy concrete jungle. A large number of organic materials are blended in the natural stone to make the open and bright space lively. The facade of the building is inlaid with rows of upright pipes, like a solemn pipe organ in the cathedral, welcoming all the guests and playing the natural flow of its own. When the night falls, soft light pours out from the building, illuminating the field, and for the lost travelers in the city, illuminating a path leading them back to nature.

Entering the building, oncoming is an open hall: large-area windows open, making the old pine oblique outside the window the most elegant landscape in the building. The high ceiling space is equipped with upright pipes that reflect each other on the outer wall of the building, which can be used as lighting to add a different atmosphere to the space, and the concise appearance sets off the elegance of the pine trees. In contrast, there is a theme wall made of natural stone.

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Image Credits

Kuo-Min Lee, Jun-Jie Liu

 Promenade with Elegance


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