Elegant palace of stones

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Elegant palace of stones

Project Function

Residential 3D

Project Location

Taiwan, Taichung City

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Interior Design 3D

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Jazz Space Design

Team Members

Yu-Ting Chang

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Jazz Space Design

Project Description

This project is located in the villa in Shalu District, Taichung. The design focuses on a luxurious, magnificent space. With vivid texture and natural black marble as the base, a prosperous water flow is created. With gentle and elegant color selection, marble compartments, wooden materials and high-end leather furniture, create a peaceful atmosphere. The ceiling uses arc geometric ingenuity to create more interesting and natural indirect lighting. With gorgeous crystal chandeliers, the high-rise space is worth savoring from bottom to top.

The first floor of the villa is composed of a huge living room, a tea-tasting area on the left, and a long dining room at the back. As soon as entering the entrance hall, the square and spacious living room unfolds in front of our eyes, echoing the bright black marble floor. In the middle of the living room, the calm and restrained gray-white pattern fabric carpet is the base, and the two square white marble tables are the center, surrounded by high-quality Italian Poltrona Frau armchairs and sofas. Marble and dark brown compartments are used on both sides of the living room to distinguish the spacious living room from other activity spaces.

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Jazz Space Design

Elegant palace of stones


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