The Atlas of Kant's Legacy

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The Atlas of Kant's Legacy

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Poster, Research

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Information Design, Digital Humanities

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Valerio Pellegrini, DensityDesign, Luca Valzesi, Nicola Patruno

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Valerio Pellegrini

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The streamgraph shown on this page represents the evolution of Kantian lexicon throughout his philosophical publications.
A hundred of the most important words, of the Kant's philosophical doctrine, have been inserted in a tool that has mapped their recurrence in each of his works, going from 1747 to 1803.
The result is an atlas of “Kant's legacy” (quoting the philosopher's words) where the thickness of the streams stands for the frequency of each term. Proceeding along the time line, some words are born while others die out (represented in light grey). At a glance, a viewer can rediscover the literary path of one of the greatest philosophical thinkers in history, also considered the founder of contemporary thought. Furthermore, the length of each work is depicted through the diameter of the circles at the top of the chart. A feature that allows a more thorough data interpretation.
These streams, whose reliability is guaranteed by the most important German digital source ( might bring the new generation of scholars closer to Kant and inspire those experts who had already tried to give a structure to Kant's thought.

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Valerio Pellegrini

The Atlas of Kant's Legacy


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