Ling Ho Postpartum Nursing Care Center

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Project Title

Ling Ho Postpartum Nursing Care Center

Project Function

Postpartum Nursing Care Center

Project Location

Taiwan, Taipei City

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Interior Design

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Hong-Ting development company

Team Members

Ying-Ying Cheng

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Hong-Ting development company

Project Description

Light is one of the factors that determine the quality of living spaces. Among them, natural light cannot be completely replaced by artificial light. This building is a single-family home for postpartum nursing care. It takes care of babies and mothers, gently guiding natural light sources into the indoor space, and depicting the mother's gentle touch of her face for the new life.
The overall color scheme is divided into two different areas for planning: the public area where general visitors can enter and exit, and the private area where only parents and newborns can stay. The public domain uses natural materials for steady color matching; the private domain uses natural light colors.

In the public domain: all stone walls and floors in the reception hall and staircase hall, and gorgeous crystal chandeliers, are large and elegant to welcome visitors; the barrier-free elevator tea mirrors and metal titanium plates are interlaced to extend the sense of space infinitely; in addition, all indoor floors are adopted zero-formaldehyde Snap-on stone-plastic-wood floor is both beautiful and non-toxic.

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Hong-Ting development company

Ling Ho Postpartum Nursing Care Center


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