Building F in Inno Matrix 600 Campus

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Building F in Inno Matrix 600 Campus

Project Function

container module

Project Location

Shanghai, China

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container module, campus

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Team Members

Xiaojing Su、Xinru Feng、Dan Zhao、Zhangchun Zhu、Hongfeng Wang

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Xiaojing Su

Project Description

IM600 Campus is a creative office campus located in the southwest of Shanghai, China. All the buildings in the campus are built and assembled by containers. Each container is fabricated independently in the factory and assembled after being transported to the site. The rapid construction saved a lot of labor and costs.
The container has the advantages of light weight, strong earthquake resistance, good impact resistance and easy construction. And then according to the different environmental climate of the project, choose the corresponding material to process the inside of the box body. It can achieve good fire resistance, heat preservation and sound insulation.
Building F is located in the north of IM600 Campus. Its positioning is to provide independent studio space for young creative workers. So we chose to combine a building with containers. Each container as a module, each studio can use different number of containers to provide elastic space area.
Exterior color of Building F is taken from the famous painting of " A Sunday Afternoon on the Ile de la Grande Jatte". With the box as the canvas and the space as the frame, the designer pays homage to George Shura in a new way.

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Xiaojing Su、Dan Zhao

Building F in Inno Matrix 600 Campus


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