SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile advanced center

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SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile advanced center

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Interior design

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Shanghai Mage Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

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Leading architects: Shao Kexin, Ye Chentao Project architects: Li Chaojing, Chen Weijian Design team members: Liu Chaoyang, Zhao Ying, Wei Jinglei, Liu Guanghui, Xue Erjun, Cao Jiajia, Gu Jun, Zhang Xin

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Mage design

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The project is located in Pudong New Area of Shanghai. The former site is an Office Industrial Park transformed by industrial plants. As the image building of the entrance of the whole park, the concept of “interstellar geometry” of the owner’s automobile brand is integrated into the design concept to upgrade the facade image of the building.
Independent of the office building, the clay studio is the core of the whole advanced center, which undertakes the modeling research and development function with the highest confidentiality requirements. Different from the dynamic elements of the entrance lobby of the office area, the front lobby of the clay studio reflects more the rigor and order of the automobile industry.
The strip lamp is used to strengthen the longitudinal space in the milling area, and the large clean lamp film ceiling provides good lighting for the observation area. The lighting design of line and surface elements combined with black and white gray walls has laid a simple and rational industrial design keynote. The local space is decorated with warning color orange combined with sign guidance system, which makes the whole clay studio lively.

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SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile advanced center


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