Wuhan Shuiyunlan Hotel

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Wuhan Shuiyunlan Hotel

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Wuhan City, China

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Interior design, hotel design

Office Name

Shanghai Cima Architecture Design Co., LTD

Team Members

Junbo Zou, Zhongwei Chen, Ting Yang, Mengshi Ning

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Shanghai Cima Architecture Design Co., LTD

Project Description

In order to provide guests with quality experience and a sense of home, this hotel is designed in line with the concept of "function is decoration". Instead of piling up superfluous decorations, it maximizes the functions of space. With modern design techniques, it has reached a balance among design, art and business, to create a tranquil, elegant and comfortable atmosphere.

With warm brown as the main tone, black, white and gray are also applied in the space to achieve a color balance. The space, dark as a whole, keeps a private, quiet atmosphere. Under the rectangular pattern, the spacious lobby is extended to the lobby bar by the corrugated stainless steel plates on the ceiling, which is blocked in the route by the white marble wall. The relatively private lobby bar is laid with cloth sofas, lit with simple floor lamps, letting visitors resting here feel calm and comfortable. The book bar space is brighter, with a neat bookshelf and hexagonal chandelier, adding a touch of rationality.

The design returns to the real essence of life. It starts from the customer feeling and experience, to create a private area of functions and aesthetic values.

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Bin Lu

Wuhan Shuiyunlan Hotel


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