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British Charm

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Taiwan, Keelung

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Interior Design

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​Black Crystal Interior Design Co.

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Hsin Hui Chang, Liang Chun Kuo

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​Black Crystal Interior Design Co.

Project Description

The project is designed in British industrial style, complementing different materials and furnishings. In such space filled with aesthetics aura, though, people are able to sense the warmness and comfort of home.

In the public area, red brick wall, which is an industrial-styled feature, accompanies dark-coloured TV bench present the sedate and attraction of the colours. The black iron shelves are installed on the wall behind sofa to provide the spark joy to the residential space.

The dining room and living room are arranged on the same axis as the public space. The kitchen and dining area are designed as the fancy restaurant with wood and iron materials in all tints of colours, presenting the nature image. People chat and relax at the kitchen island, enjoying the leisure time.

A Japanese-style room which is partitioned by the iron net wall combines Japanese style with the nature of industrial style. To satisfy the client’s multiple requests, an adjustable table is installed in this room. Thus, it is not only a storage room, but a space for the host to invite friends to maintain relationship.

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British Charm


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