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Light and green shadow

Project Function

Office design

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Taoyuan City, Taiwan

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Office design, Interior design

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Ciao Syuan Interior Design

Team Members

Chih Hao, Lin

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Ciao Syuan Interior Design

Project Description

After opening the main door, the rough and rustic cultured stone wall and wooden texture add a calm atmosphere. With the fishbone wooden flooring extending inward, the working area is located after the barn door. The fair-faced concrete and iron installation art echo each other, portraying the relaxation of a café and making work fatigue magically disappear.
The staircase leads to the resting area on the second floor. It is decorated and styled completely differently from the first floor. The space features layers of delicate woodwork and a classical linear style. A luxurious and soft artistic vibe is created. The main TV wall is shaped as a fireplace and complemented by textured marble, while the neat lines on both sides are brighten by crystal chandeliers that bring elegance and sophistication to the home. The soft furnishings introduce a gold finish into the home. From the wall wallpaper and European style sofa to the dining room, all of which lend a refined and classic atmosphere, offering coherent and rich five human senses.
On the third floor, bamboo roller blinds, wooden elements, woven sofa and green wall inject the welcoming vibe of an island resort.

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Ciao Syuan Interior Design

Light and green shadow


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