Huaqi Financial Center

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Huaqi Financial Center

Project Function

Financial Center

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Guang Dong, China

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Guang Dong ChanPu Decorative Design Co., Ltd

Team Members

Jun Jun Zhu ,Jin Ning Zhang,Zhao Xun Huang

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Guang Dong ChanPu Decorative Design Co., Ltd

Project Description

Huaqi Financial Center, based in the central area of Huadu District, Guangzhou City, is a four-story building with a floor area of nearly 53,000 square meters. It mainly provides grade-A offices, and fashion shopping and catering services. In architectural design, it adopts the trendy, artistic and modern techniques of expression, integrating geometric thinking to create mathematical beauty in an architectural form of great tension and sculptural feeling.In overall design, the building is permeated with modern minimalist beauty. The black, white and gray main tone, along with the wood color, creates a sense of tranquility. Inspired by the shape of polished diamond, the external facade, with sharp edges, is built into a textured reflective glass curtain wall. The dark facade highlights a sense of mystery and stability. The transparent glass curtain wall and geometric lines of the building impress viewers with a visual impact and a sense of hierarchical blocks, glutted with sci-fi fantasy and future technologies. The building gate, with wood-grain aluminum plate veneer, takes a four-floor geometric frame, fortifying the sense of hierarchy.

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Guang Dong ChanPu Decorative Design Co., Ltd

Huaqi Financial Center


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