Huahong Tangyue Mansion

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Project Title

Huahong Tangyue Mansion

Project Function

Sales Center

Project Location

China, Linhai

Project Tags

Natural, Oriental, Modern, Chinese, Elegance

Office Name

Chongqing Shanyin Decoration Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

Team Members

Song Yang

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Chongqing Shanyin Decoration Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

Project Description

This case, located in eastern Zhejiang, is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and faces the sea. The designers have ideally brought such unique natural conditions into the space design of this real estate sales center. Inspired by the natural elements, they take the "mountain, water, nature and architecture" as the theme, while adopting the techniques of landscape, light and shadow, and change of scenes with the move of steps. Depicting the realistic with the virtual, they combine the traditional oriental design elements to integrate the traditional culture with the spiritual needs of modern life, so that people, in contented contemplation, could feel the beauty of modern Chinese elegance in an oriental artistic conception.
The overall space is dominated by the elegant black-white-gray, and the walnut wood color. The gray marbles make the floor look solemn and elegant, and echo the ink painting in the space, so that the space looks like a 3D landscape scroll. Walnut turns the space atmosphere calm, adding comfort in space. Some walls and columns apply hollowed stainless steel screens to diversify the space in rich hierarchy.

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Chongqing Shanyin Decoration Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

Huahong Tangyue Mansion


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