Body, Space and Boundary——Private Workshop of A Female Fitness Blogger

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Body, Space and Boundary——Private Workshop of A Female Fitness Blogger

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Shanghai City, China

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Interior design

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Atelier D+Y

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Guo Donghai, Yan Linglin

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Guo Donghai, Yan Linglin

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The owner, as a fitness blogger, hopes to change the basement of her private house into a fitness studio, which is mainly used for daily training, video and photo capture and occasional reception of fitness students.
Before renovation, the basement, with uneven ground, beams and columns, is left unattended in the low space. Nothing here is in order and two light wells are discarded in the corner.
How to associate such a space with fitness and exercises?
Body boundary - The female blogger specializes in training of workout on fitness equipment and Pilates. These exercises present the body in a manner different from the daily household activities. Therefore, we combine these exercises to form a soft boundary which approximates a circular arch. This dynamic boundary shall stretch out in the space.
Circulation and penetration - Different free curves can form a continuity with each other through crisscrossing or overlaying. Observed from different perspectives, they shall display various postures. Besides, the entity and virtuality divided by the interlaced curves can generate an elusive circulation and penetration.

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Body, Space and Boundary——Private Workshop of A Female Fitness Blogger


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