Office of Zeal. Design Studio

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Office of Zeal. Design Studio

Project Function

Office Space

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Luoyang City, Henan Province, China

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Interior Design

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Office of Zeal. Design Studio

Team Members

Jess Chen, Jessie Shen

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Jess Chen

Project Description

Meaning: from the heart sound, listen to the inner voice.
Work is practice
I would like to go to the farthest shore with the greatest quietness.
Our space is a pure white space. White paint on the top of the wall, white wood surface, white metal plate, white leather, white ceramics, ultra white glass, we try to create an extreme white space visual experience.
In addition, color lights are installed on the arc wall, which can be controlled independently. Structure:
Although the white space is nothing. Designers use a lot of structural design techniques in this space, making the space full and artistic. At the same time, the special structural design also implies the designer's Philosophy - "impermanence" and "selflessness".
The curves on the ground and curved walls in the space are the designers' Deconstruction of the beauty of Chinese landscape.
"Without me"
"I" is the most easily forgotten and most easily mentioned.
A large area of the original roof of the whole house is treated with reflective paint, which increases the space permeability and light sense, and blurs the boundary between space and heaven, aiming to point to the mapping between me and no self.

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Ruchu Photograph

Office of Zeal. Design Studio


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