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Wuli Epoch

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China, Beijing

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Modelroom, Interior Design

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Louis Liou, Zhuwei Chen, Yiying Zhou, Yifan Li, Fan Fei, Yan Chen, Wenwen Zhang, Jingjing Fang

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Hangzhou Veryspace Interior Design Co., Ltd.

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The scene of the courtyard was set indoor. The sense of depth of different colors and the richness of art enrich the sight and the soul. The kitchen on Floor 1 features strong rhythm sensations of curves on the top surface extending to the western kitchen on the left. The dining tables made of stones, wood and metal from the Middle Island seem to float in the sky highlighted by the neat lines, different materials and changing shadows, forming a surrealistic kitchen and the image of vanguard of the future.

The design reconstructed the order of spirit of the villa. The functions of each part of space are redefined and endowed with the new implications surpassing the dimensions of time and space. The concept of Double Floor 1 integrates the living room on negative Floor 1 and the space for family activities into the functional layout, with the ceiling integrating the Mondrian school art language and extending to the semi-enclosed space of the movie-viewing zone. The detachable gathering room, the veneers of orderly cutting and spacing and the fireplace create the warm, sweet artistic style and images.

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Yuchen Zhao

Wuli Epoch


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