Louis’s love letter for the century

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Louis’s love letter for the century

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Hangzhou Zhejiang China

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Modelroom, Interior Design

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Louis Liou, Zhuwei Chen, Yiying Zhou, Yifan Li, Fan Fei, Meifeng Yu, Yifan Yang

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Hangzhou Veryspace Interior Design Co., Ltd. & Hangzhou Classiccasa Furnishing Co., Ltd.

Project Description

This is a lifetime love letter from Louis Liou (contemporary Chinese designer) to Hangzhou and Greentown (Chinese real-estate developer). Cultures overlap while time merges here. It is no longer just representing the classics but re-creating for the Louis’s love letter for the century (project title).

Designer Louis Liou bustled around Shanghai, Nanjing and Shenyang to study the buildings from the period of the Republic of China (1912-1949). Having immersed for days, he drew out a script, extracting a set of asymmetrical, geometric decorative line prototypes as the profoundest design vocabulary for the space.

Under the market featuring the prevalence of the new Chinese style, the Louis’s love letter for the century has launched townhouses with the Republican style (the style of the Republic of China). The “Republican style,” with its all-embracing feature, is closer to the contemporary life. In addition, it reveals a greater cinematic sense, revealing that life can be bolder and more imaginative like Pegasus soaring through the skies.

The Arts Déco Ferris wheel chandelier and marble table lamps circulate the sounds and colors of prosperity. It uses straight lines to build the

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Wang Ting

Louis’s love letter for the century


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