Kunming Chengyuan life aesthetics Museum

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Kunming Chengyuan life aesthetics Museum

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Sales Space

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KunMing YunNan China

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Soft Decoration Design

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Tang Yaohua, He Wenzhe ,Zhang Yanxin, Liang Jing

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WEWS Design

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Oriental architectural symbols are simplified here. Incorporating modern materials and techniques, it has formed three major architectural features, namely, “emphasis on the eaves’ ritual structures, wood-grained aluminum panels as the main imitative original materials, and traditional mortise and tenon structures to present details.”

The oriental people’s calm, subtle, introverted and tolerant living state is integrated with the living ideal of returning to nature. Summarizing integrative, comfortable, craftsmanship-filled, and oriental features, the project has created a living ideal belonging to the oriental people with contemporary methods.

With the large-area glass lighting, it has shortened the perceptive distance between the interior and exterior, allowing ancient tradition and modern innovation to collide and spurting a different style. We will utilize different techniques to integrate and extend the majesty, simplicity and rhythm of the buildings into their interiors.

Created by independent designer and digital artist Zhang Zhoujie, the three-dimensional solid sculpture presents completely the perfect state of a “water current” in motion. With its frozen form in mid-air

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Zhao Bin

Kunming Chengyuan life aesthetics Museum


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