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Project Title

Hopeful Home

Project Function

Residential House

Project Location

China, Guangzhou

Project Tags

Interior Design, House, Nature, Simple, Modern

Office Name

Guangzhou YiDian Design

Team Members

Jia Wu, Xuewen Jiang

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Guangzhou YiDian Design

Project Description

The project is located in Liwan, Guangzhou. It is a high-rise residential building with a construction area of 169 square meters. Under the premise of preserving part of the decoration, the residence is re-planned. The entire space uses a minimalist design language to remove the complexity and simplify it, adding natural elements of cement and logs, using light and simple furniture to ingeniously blend the new and the old.
In order to ensure that the interior design is more reasonable, the previously poorly lit kitchen wall was knocked out to make an open kitchen. When you enter the room, you will see the island and the kitchen connected together, making the original narrow aisle more spacious and comfortable. At the same time, Natural light also extends to the kitchen and aisles to the greatest extent.
The sofa is gentle and soft in shape, and the round design does not have the slightest sense of attack. The small side next to it is almost made of carpentry with surplus materials. The small body can be placed at will, wherever it is.
The floor of the public area is covered with micro-cement to cover the original ceramic tiles. The warm color selection gives the cement more warmth.

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Xibin Li

Hopeful Home


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