Tourism Investment·Greentown Xishan Swallow Town

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Project Title

Tourism Investment·Greentown Xishan Swallow Town

Project Function

Life House

Project Location

China, Hebei

Project Tags

Interior Design, Sales Center, Nature, Zen

Office Name

B.Y Design

Team Members

Quanbing Lian, Xuxiong Yao, Lei Yang

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B.Y Design

Project Description

In order to integrate the local humanistic charm and modern aesthetic concept, the designer positioned the project as a new Chinese style. The interior adopts oriental charm, and the slope top is used to create a leisure and comfortable interior space. Some steps are added in the interior to highlight the simple and low-key feeling on the outside, and increase the depth of space on the inside to enhance the practicability and connotation of the building. Let dynamic and static, sound and color, form and intention coordinate and contrast, cause people's emotional resonance from the aesthetic level.
Water bar and book bar are set in the whole second floor to make the whole second floor dense in the aroma of coffee and tea. Both sides are reading area and sofa area respectively, which give consideration to the needs of reading and meeting visitors, so that solitude and reunion do not interfere with each other.
Adhering to the concept of simplicity and simplicity, Greentown Xishan Swallow Town with the most natural materials and elegant design style, pays the highest respect to the local precious historical culture and natural scenery.

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B.Y Design

Tourism Investment·Greentown Xishan Swallow Town


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