Jiangsu SUNAC Nantong Qidong Sales Center

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Project Title

Jiangsu SUNAC Nantong Qidong Sales Center

Project Function

Sales Center

Project Location

China, Nantong

Project Tags

Interior Design, Sales Center, Nature

Office Name

Matrix Design

Team Members

Wang Guan, Idmen Liu, Wang Zhaobao

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Matrix Design

Project Description

The project located in a riverside city - Nantong, a city with clear layout of rivers and mountains. It is on one side along the Hao River and on the other side very close to the sea, which enjoys an unique landscape view. This is the center of a large commercial complex integrated with entertainment, residence, hotel and leisure. SUNAC has a profound understanding of urban culture in global perspective. In the design of this case, Matrix also uses modern and exquisite design to interpret the melody of time and space and the philosophy of nature, expressing the wonderful experience of Nantong's contemporary human settlement. The project lives up to the prosperous past of Nantong, the magnificent present and the peaceful future with infinite possibilities.
The image of future might just be a momentary fantasy about the past and present in our mind. The restaurant area is of modern style in classical beige and white tones. The elements of the future technology are displayed in the multi-function dining area and the cinema hall, the introduction of VR experiencing is a light spot. This is the expectation for future human settlement of Nantong in the current development momentum.

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Shi Xiang Wan He

Jiangsu SUNAC Nantong Qidong Sales Center


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