Nanning New Hope JINLIN JIUXI Mansion

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Project Title

Nanning New Hope JINLIN JIUXI Mansion

Project Function

Model Room

Project Location

China, Nanning

Project Tags

Interior Design, Model Room, Fashion

Office Name

Matrix Design

Team Members

Wang Guan, Idmen Liu, Wang Zhaobao

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Matrix Design

Project Description

The setting of the 220 square meters(2368 sq.ft) space is for extreme broadness and delicacy with comprehensive considering on harmony and connection of the whole and the details. The design is based on accurate customer group analysis by perfecting the spatial layout, material and color layout, and truly landing a place of luxury that echoes nature and modernity to satisfy the elegant taste of the target customers. The layout of large-area wood veneers intentionally weakens the architectural atmosphere of the space, and is combined with the decoration of the textured marble wall to stand in an eternal and elegant posture. Abandoning the original four-bedroom layout, it was transformed into two large suites with both space experience and complete functions, which truly reflects the outstanding advantages of large and beautiful houses, and is the most colorful design change in the design. The dining room is with a round table to present a ceremonial feast. The soft furnishings, fabrics, decorations, and carpet textures in the living room are all for the purpose of creating an art field in the space.

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Shi Xiang Wan He

Nanning New Hope JINLIN JIUXI Mansion


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