BMW Changsha Yue Zhi Bao 4S Store

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Project Title

BMW Changsha Yue Zhi Bao 4S Store

Project Function

4S Store

Project Location

China, Changsha

Project Tags

Interior Design, 4S Store, Fashion

Office Name

Shenzhen SIAD Co.,Ltd.

Team Members

Hihope Zhu, Jie Fang, Chang Xu, Guicheng Lin, Mengjun He, Xinghu Cao

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Shenzhen SIAD Co.,Ltd.

Project Description

Known for its personalized and pure driving pleasure, the BMW Exhibition Hall has completed the innovative design and perfect landing of the Ling Chuang 4S experience Center in Wangcheng District, Changsha. The design team renovated the old buildings, broke the traditional customer moving line mode, and integrated the exhibition hall, coffee shop, book bar, restaurant, retail shop, children's playground, office, garage, repair workshop and so on in the 6000-square-meter building, which created a large BMW new retail experiencing center that was a leading creation with advanced concept.
As how to activate the vitality of the upper layer has always been a difficult problem, Hihope Zhu in ARCHIHOPE hoped to get rid of the original spatial pattern to think about more possibilities of architecture while respecting history and realizing the balance and connection between the new and the old building. The core strategy of the transformation included expanding the lighting well on the original roof and a bold design to make the whole lighting well to realize its function as the main marketing circulation.

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En Xiao

BMW Changsha Yue Zhi Bao 4S Store


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