Guangzhou Yunshan Poetic Boat House

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Project Title

Guangzhou Yunshan Poetic Boat House

Project Function

Residential House

Project Location

China, Guangzhou

Project Tags

Interior Design, Residential House, Minimalism

Office Name

Evans Lee Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Team Members

Evans Lee, Jackie He, Jiazi Lin

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Evans Lee Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Project Description

The whole house adopts the design of no main light, the light is softer, which can make the space more hierarchical.
Under the sofa is a carpet with Galaxy brilliance, extending from the living room to the dining room. The owner sitting on the sofa is like stepping in the bright river of stars, which greatly satisfies the curiosity and exploration desire of children.
The wooden multi-functional dining table can not only meet the needs of daily meals, but also serve as an office desk. On a sunny afternoon, it's very pleasant to hold a book and a cup of coffee.
The master room can be said to be a combination of natural materials and the soul of open space. The wooden floor is covered with a black-and-white gray modern carpet. The bed is located in the middle of the room, beautiful and reasonable position, but also interesting.
Sitting in front of the wooden desk, there are shutters in front of it. Its flexible leaves have the function that the curtain lacks. They can not only effectively block the ultraviolet rays in the daytime, but also protect the furniture from fading due to the influence of ultraviolet rays.

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Shenzhen Jiangnan Photography

Guangzhou Yunshan Poetic Boat House


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