DOVEIL Experience Center

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Project Title

DOVEIL Experience Center

Project Function

Experience Center

Project Location

China, Xiamen

Project Tags

Interior Design, Experience Center, Commercial

Office Name

Xiamen Dawii Design

Team Members

David Lee, Wenqiang Xu

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Xiamen Dawii Design

Project Description

DOVEIL upholds the design concept of minimalism and regression to essence, pursuing perfection and ingenuity.
The design inspiration comes from the art master Piet Mondrian-"pure abstract" design concept. The red, blue and yellow grid painting looks simple, but full of mystery. It seems to be a "plane" painting, but it is made of oil paint daub and stack. The substance, brushwork and texture of the paint make up the life of the painting. DAWII also hopes to create a space with great depth and rich layers.
DAWII is very aware of the connection between spaces, and through the establishment of the boundary hole,and space can be distinguished from the inside and outside. In order to break the static space of binary opposition, through the window connection on the same horizontal line of sight, the space has realized a kind of dynamic interworking, thus forming communication. "Light" means not only light and darkness, but also the possibility of realizing more beautiful life in limited space. If the changing environmental light naturally gives the building a flowing texture, then the artificial light is a guide, guiding you to our quality of life inner expression.

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Image Credits

Rongkun Chen, Zhongying Zheng

DOVEIL Experience Center


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

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