Hangzhou Xianghu Lake Xiaoyin Hotel

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Hangzhou Xianghu Lake Xiaoyin Hotel

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China, Hangzhou

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Interior Design, Hotel, Republican Style

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Origin Interior Decoration Design Co., Ltd

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Shoudong Chi, Yingqi Li, Xiufen Tu

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Origin Interior Decoration Design Co., Ltd

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Xianghu Xiaoyin Hotel is a Republican style hotel with new Hangzhou element, like a pearl inlaid in Xianghu Lake. The designer wanders between retro and modern, taking the style of the Republic of China as the main line, opening up a unique perspective, and turning Xianghu Xiaoyin Hotel into a place for natural vacation and leisure, like a "Peach-Blossom Garden".
The wall paintings, calligraphy, ink and wash artistic conception of the wall and the Bodhi gray floor brighten the space under the action of light, making the whole lobby bright and neat, executive and elegant. The decoration style of the Republic of China is full of the tolerance of the times, making the space more delicate and vivid, connecting the beauty of two different time and space in series.
The design of the private room not only ensures privacy, but also has transparency. From the whole to the details, it exudes a strong taste of the Republic of China. The chandelier in the private room is stereoscopic and poetic, creating a soft and elegant space atmosphere. The beautifully shaped seats realize the organic fusion of functionality and aesthetics.

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Dejian Lin

Hangzhou Xianghu Lake Xiaoyin Hotel


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