Galaxy Real Estate Yuncheng Jinfu No.9 Sales Office

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Project Title

Galaxy Real Estate Yuncheng Jinfu No.9 Sales Office

Project Function

Sales Center

Project Location

China, Yuncheng

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Interior Design, Sales Center, Shanxi Culture

Office Name

JSD Design

Team Members

Jian Xu, Mengtian Song, Mengsha You, Xiangdong Kan, Yang Yang, Aimin Shen

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JSD Design

Project Description

The design concept of the project takes the Phoenix City as the space keynote, and takes the cloud, water, mountain and moon in Hedong scenery as the elements to symbolize the ancient architectural elements in Hedong, so as to create a yearning life even attracting Phoenix. At the same time, it emphasizes the sense of order of "the land of rites and music", and gives the space hermit feelings and quiet natural temperament through the freehand description of poetry and wine in classical literature.
The whole space includes the reception hall of the sales office, the sand table area, the negotiation area, the children's sinology study area and other main functional areas. The designer combs the spatial relationship in the way of axial symmetry, and satisfies different needs by the segmentation way of fuzzy boundary, to maximize the use of space without disorder. The design technique inherits the norm of the central axis, and infuses a mellow and ancient charm into the mountains and rivers.
The whole project takes the local culture as the background, refines and combines Oriental Chinese design elements, and integrates Phoenix, jade, landscape and red into all aspects.

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Jiangnan photography

Galaxy Real Estate Yuncheng Jinfu No.9 Sales Office


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