Beijing SCE Cloudview Terrace Sales Center

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Project Title

Beijing SCE Cloudview Terrace Sales Center

Project Function

Sales Center

Project Location

China, Beijing

Project Tags

Interior Design, Sales Center, Art

Office Name

JSD Design

Team Members

Jian Xu, Aimee Zheng, Haoming Lv, Yan Tang

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JSD Design

Project Description

The ideal life style can be transformed into multi-level artistic experience by implanting different theme function parts into space.
The vertical height of the lobby is high, the structure is tall and straight. The two wings of the lobby are horizontal and flowing. The overlapping of lights and inclined blocks makes the space more hierarchical and flexible. Scattered space is formed, thus high, low, loose and tight narrative rhythms are extended. The sand table and the sales control area are located in the center of the entrance. There are cloud shape art lamps on the top of the hall. When they light up, it just looks like a river of stars.
As a residential sales and service space, it not only needs to meet the basic requirements of sales, but also needs to inject humanistic spirit and emotional warmth into the space. The elevated bookshelves form a connection between the first floor and the second floor. In front of the bookshelf, it is just like in a Books "Jungle". The well-arranged ladder not only serves as the transition of space, but also carries the function of multi-dimensional activity scene, creating a multi-dimensional space with sharing, interaction and growth.

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Jiangnan photography

Beijing SCE Cloudview Terrace Sales Center


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