Shenzhen Expressway Phase III Group C Exhibition Center

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Project Title

Shenzhen Expressway Phase III Group C Exhibition Center

Project Function

Commercial and Leisure Building

Project Location

China, Guiyang

Project Tags

Architecture, Commercial, Leisure, Display

Office Name

MadeMake Architects

Team Members

Feng Xu, Yanhua Wu, Menghao Zhao, Xiaoqiang Liang, Tao Liao, Liang Liu

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MadeMake Architects

Project Description

The whole display area is divided into three parts: the welcome garden area, the model room display area and the children's play area. Considering simplicity first, we restored the geometric form of the building to the simplest ceiling and ground. The natural landscape can be ubiquitous without being restricted by indoor and outdoor boundaries. This has become the positioning of our architecture-negative architecture.
We abstracted the ceiling and the ground into a white plane through the building. The ceiling is made of steel plate with white paint, the floor is polished with white cement, the pillars are hidden behind the mirror, and the space is enclosed by a high-transparent glass rib curtain wall system to create a The open and continuous space division method creates multiple clear activity spaces for different functions: negotiation, rest, display, and experience.
Mirror prisms are arranged freely to form separate and connected spaces, which are connected and interspersed with each other to guide the flow of people and make people feel rich spatial changes during the journey.

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ACF Photography

Shenzhen Expressway Phase III Group C Exhibition Center


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