Huizhou Kaisa Bay Demonstration Zone

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Project Title

Huizhou Kaisa Bay Demonstration Zone

Project Function

Commercial Building

Project Location

China, Huizhou

Project Tags

Architecture, Commercial Building,

Office Name

MadeMake Architects

Team Members

Feng Xu, Xin Yang, Wenxiang Wang, Caisi Chen, Xianao He, Zhaoyun Huo

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MadeMake Architects

Project Description

The entire project is built on the mountain, climbing along the original mountain body step by step. The site is naturally divided into a number of terraces along the contour line, which are raised in turn, minimizing the amount of earth and stone, and achieving household viewing and living space. Form an intimate and interactive relationship with the mountains and the sea.
The design of the exhibition center breaks up and slices the 3000-square-meter building volume. The layered volume can better adapt to the situation and digest the huge volume more effectively, making it more friendly "Build on the ground."
The brushstrokes using the waves as the form outline the overall building outline, which makes the building flow. The white aluminum plates are well against the background mountains and the sea water in the foreground.
The 24-meter high landmark tower is located at the starting point on the southwest side. It is the spiritual tower of the entire project. The shape of the lighthouse is also inseparable from the marine nature of the project. The main entrance of the exhibition center is not set at a place that is level with the front field landscape, but at an elevated position

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Lv Lin

Huizhou Kaisa Bay Demonstration Zone


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