Criss-cross Chateau

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Criss-cross Chateau

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Taiwan, Taichung city

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Gong Gou, Interior design, Office

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Gong Gou Design

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Verna Huang, Camby Wu

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Gong Gou Design

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Recall the childhood games, and inspire from the concept of "amusement"; we transform the feature of the pinball machine to set up the spatial partition screens. Couple with the furnishing as tables, chairs, and other art-decors to create the winding flow, while people move around just like the pinball rolls on the machine. Layout the front and back areas of open pattern and the central domain of compact structure to experience the phenomenal feeling of multi-phases. Pleasantly enjoy the glamorous charm and exceptional ambiance of a parlor venue.
Differing the light fixture of single-linear pattern; set up the zigzag track lights to show the unique interest. The exposed pipelines on the ceiling bring about the unpolished and concise features of Loft style. Additionally, apply plenty of exquisite molding panels on the wall to replace the simple dividing linear pattern, which looks more solid and warm. The stabilizing and distinguished color themes highlight the neoclassical style and adorn the whole space with trendy British elements.
Exploit the curved and asymmetrical pattern of the impression of the pinball game, which enriches the details of the space.

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Gong Gou Design

Criss-cross Chateau


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