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Integrated Graphic Design

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San Francisco

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Social Critique Design

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Yan Yan

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Yan Yan

Project Description

Anonymousociety is a social critique design project. In this project. I created a non-existent secret organization named Anonymousociety. While creating this project, I am using a mockumentary-perspective to document the existence of Anonymousociety. This series of design works include a “fan-made” website, a magazine, a set of instructions and flyers etc.
This project started with some moments I have been through: who is the real me? Is it the one shown under people’s eyes, or the one hidden away from people’s gaze? Am I shaped by other people’s gaze, or am I shaped by myself? People now live in a world that’s overly exposed to social media, reality TV shows, and YouTube... Society forces us to unwillingly expose ourselves, regardless of whether we are in public or in private. When people have to constantly serve as the exposure itself to gain recognition, being in others’ attention becomes surveillance. Because everyone in this society is experiencing this social control unconsciously, he/she has to internalize that surveillance by changing his/her actions, not because they want to, but because they know that they are being watched by others’ expectations.

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Yan Yan



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