Jiangjin Wanda City Exhibition Center

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Project Title

Jiangjin Wanda City Exhibition Center

Project Function

Sales Center

Project Location

China, Chongqing

Project Tags

Interior Design, Sales Center, Mountains and river

Office Name

Greed Lotus Design

Team Members

Liliang Shan, Jun Ji, Li Dai, Weiwei Zhou, Li Gao, Yu Chen, Yongtao Chen, Mingjie Xiao

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Greed Lotus Design

Project Description

This project takes "mountains and rivers" as the soul. Jiangjin is rich in historical culture and humanistic culture, and unique in natural culture. Guided by this, the designer refines the mountains and rivers culture as the expression entrance of space. The macroscopic part reflects the conception, while the detailed part conveys the charm, realizing the perfect combination of architecture and culture, and creating a landscape living space full of poetic elegance.
The arc-shaped background wall in the foyer area is particularly eye-catching. The arc shape built by the mixture of rough stone and texture paint is like rolling mountain ranges, which expresses the spiritual connotation of the space and creates an atmosphere and inclusive style.
In the design of sand table area, the designer broke the monotony and inflexibility of straight line and adopted arc shape. The two sand tables are like islands standing in the sea, which are full of dynamic and visual impact, and highlight the concept of living by mountains and rivers and poetically.
The negotiation area is enclosed, with simple and neat style and comfortable and gentle collision, full of warm and elegant atmosphere.

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Image Credits

Lingyu Li

Jiangjin Wanda City Exhibition Center


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