Taoyuan Town Living Arts Center

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Project Title

Taoyuan Town Living Arts Center

Project Function

Sales Center

Project Location

China, Guiyang

Project Tags

Interior Design, Sales Center, Nature

Office Name

Akasa Design

Team Members

Hongfei Yan, Bin He, Yiming Pan, Xixi Dong, Zhicheng Wu, Xia Huang, Linfeng Jin, Hongliang Zheng

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Akasa Design

Project Description

AKASA DESIGN draws design language from the unique "mountains, caves, terraces and Miao villages" of Guiyang. Natural texture and artistic atmosphere are integrated there. The texture of marble is derived from silver ornaments of Miao nationality. After smelting, silver is processed by pressing, engraving and engraving, and finally becomes exquisite pattern. In the subtle, between the mountains and forests, we explore the Genius Loci.
The texture of marble, wood veneer and other materials is rich and diverse, and low saturation color echo the local original landform, creating a quiet and powerful space atmosphere. The rolling mountain lines condense the free flow of space momentum, and the cascading terraced fields deduce the rhythm of space. The interwoven facade of light and shade promotes the order of the space. The copper imitation effect of stainless steel and the light luxury texture of the atmosphere lamp brew the ultimate aesthetics of the space.
The circular moving line design centered on the sand table area, which is a new attempt by the designer to transform the unique mountain route of Guiyang into space language.

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Taoyuan Town Living Arts Center


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